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Cloud Migration


Rethink Insurance for a Digital World

We help global insurers innovate new digital experience for their customers, adopt operational agility and gain competitive advantage by providing top class customer-driven digital transformations.

We partner with our clients to address their innovation needs by identifying key emerging technologies for strategic investments and implement them to realize benefits faster. Our proven expertise in delivering high-quality IT services to healthcare payer, property and casualty, and life and annuities businesses have helped insurers become more innovative to meet the evolving demands of today’s consumers. We help our Digital Insurers by enabling “digital” strategy across the enterprise technology, operations, and business functions to bring cutting edge digital capabilities. Our practice is anchored on our deep insurance industry expertise and many years of Insurance Industry Solution Practice that solving our clients’ most complex business problems to transform their business driven by digital products.

Learn more about our capabilities to assist you in your journey to become a Digital Insurer.

Cloud Migration

Roadmap for Digital Journey

Banking and financial services organizations need to augment their future with digital technology by opening the door to new services, customer touchpoints and operational efficiencies.  An enterprise-wide approach would enable our clients to deepen customer satisfaction with increased loyalty to drive long-term relationships that would increase profitability in a shifting regulatory landscape.  

We recognize that embracing digital transformation requires sweeping modernization of outdated infrastructure while dealing with more regulations on the horizon such as EU’s General Data Protection law by use of digital to drive the change in value across their organizations. We help our banking and financial services organizations to build the blueprint for digital capabilities while managing legacy technical debt and accelerating data center migration to cloud. We help our clients in financial services to morph into technology companies that is driving the business.  Our services help organizations investing heavily in software development to improve service delivery, back-office operations and decision-making and to personalize the experience they deliver to their customers. We enable our clients to form Agile product teams for adopting modern work patterns with digital technologies to recast the way they conceive, build and deploy their software products and portfolios.

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Data Governance & Security

Deliver with Digital Health Products

To meet 21st century health care challenges, rarely has any industry faced so many challenges and opportunities simultaneously such as regulatory reforms that are growing more complicated, the rise of the engaged consumer, the demand for more cost transparency from legislation and consumers. The digital economy is transforming the way payers, providers and health programs must operate. As strategic service partner we provide solutions to help you meet the demands of today and prepare for what’s coming tomorrow. Using innovative technology, the future of health care will blur traditional health care boundaries.


Our expertise in automation can help the industry become more efficient and adopt standard operating procedures to reduce costs, while improved speed and accuracy deliver better member experiences. Advanced automation, such as cognitive processing and machine learning (ML), can assist in decision-making at the point of care and improve patient and population health outcomes.


Learn more about our capabilities to assist you in your journey to become a Digital Health Care Provider.

AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations)

Achieving Digital Success in Utility 

We recognize that our utility clients have a growing need for more efficiency which requires unprecedented operational agility and a compelling need to replace traditional operators with investments in digital technology as they become more and more reliance on new generation energy sources seeking efficiency.


Our holistic approach is designed to transform companies by implementing innovative solutions to drive the required digital transformation successful.  We focus on customer touchpoints, engagement channels and transactions that needs improvement including applying Predictive Analytics from managing performnace to delivering smart power outage communications.  We aim to help our clients improve overall customer experience, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. The energy and utility companies need a strategic roadmap and a strong digital platform that keeps customers loyal, happy and engaged.  With the digitized programmable power grid systems, we help our clients to make full use of the digital technologies like AI, machine learning and big data analytics to improve operational efficiency with predictable outcome with cost savings to keep customers happy. We ensure success for our clients with deep industry expertise, and a strong bench of technology solutions, to address the unprecedented business challenges facing electric utilities today. 

Learn more about our capabilities to assist you in your journey to become a Digital Utility Company.

Continuous Delivery

Transformation for Digital Governance

Every day, various government agencies face challenges from thousands of transactions in order to serve its constituents. Transactions such as payments processing, managing records, issuing licenses and reviewing claims could benefit from replacing existing manual processes with fully automated digital solutions to drastically improve efficiency.

As service provider we deliver secure, reliable, powerful technology solutions as a strong foundation for responsive services to citizens. Our government IT solutions allow you to provide secure, seamless and reliable services, save on costs and improve interactions with citizens. These interactions are possible through powerful government IT applications and a robust infrastructure by leveraging technology as a key mechanism for improving citizen service and cost savings.

We offer complete, flexible and robust case management solutions to support any state and local government organization. Our approach is to discover your business needs and recommend case management solutions that fit your business from case inception to completion. We can help design, develop and implement Intelligent Workflows using our innovative tools for your enterprise to automate business processes to streamline for efficiency to increase organizational productivity.

Learn more about our capabilities to assist you in your journey to become a Digital Government Agency.

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