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Delivery and Operational Excellence

Driving Change with strong capabilities in Strategy and Leadership – focused on doing the right things, and on Execution – doing things right. Companies failed to deliver usually from one of more these 5 reasons. Strategy, Architecture, Planning, Focus (prioritization / re-prioritization) and Execution. We help companies define success in delivery and operations so they can attain and maintain excellence.

Assessments, Analysis, & Research 

Our research has found that 70% of all CIO’s make critical decisions based on only 30% information. Insights and Data enhance decision making capacity of leadership. We help clients more deeply understand the way work happens and could happen to achieve optimal and targeted results. We do this with assessments, analysis and research into a specific scope or domain of client matters to extract out findings and recommendations which are focused on asking the right questions to identify opportunities, control risk, eliminate waste and create value. 

Solutions and Outcomes 

  • Assessment, Recommendation, & Findings  

  • Analysis of Gaps & Risks 

  • Targeted Topic Industry research & Whitepaper Development 

  • Strategy & Planning road maps, adoption & trends 

Program and Project Management

Providing full life cycle program and project management services which are scalable from a single project outcome to the design and implementing of an entire Portfolio Management Office Practice within an enterprise. We operate at scale across any methodology. Our focus is delivery of project and program outcomes regardless of size, scope, or scale. Best practice certified professionals provide leadership for programs and full solution implementations as a Managed Service


Solutions and Outcomes

•    Leadership & Mentoring
•    Planning & Forecasting 
•    Execution, Tracking, & Metrics
•    Governance, Risk, & Compliance
•    Operations and Management

Technology Management

Modernization of home grown and Custom Off the Shelf technology requires management of the overall technology ecosystem. We help clients determine what the right architecture and solution oriented mix of technology is and should be evolving towards as they mature. Our Solutions are focused on achieving and measuring your alignment of technology to realize improved business outcomes.


Solutions and Outcomes

•    Enterprise Solution Architecture
•    Technology Assessments & Vendor Management/Consolidation
•    Platform Migration, Modernization & Implementation
•    Roadmap Planning & Retirement Forecasting 
•    Compliance & Governance 
•    Operations and Management


Customer Success and Adoption

Improving the Client Condition and Maximizing the creation and realization of Value are Primary Objectives of any technology centric solution. However, many products fail to deliver on promises made by manufactures, vendors, and systems integrators. Customer Success and Technology Adoption is multi-dimensional and often the technology is not to blame but the use of it is. Is that the fault of the technology or the client Implementation or cultural maturity and adoption? What part of the People, Process or Technology triangle failed to live up to its expectations? Customer Success is achieving the right balance of all three. That is what we do.


We work with client to facilitate that right balance of PEOPLE (Why attitudes and behaviors) Process (What, When, Where, Who) and technology enablers (How & What) to ensure your successful benefit realization.

Solutions and Outcomes

•    Organizational Change Management Strategy and Planning
•    Readiness Assessments, Recommendation, & Findings  

•    Analysis of Current State & Future State

•    Concept Evangelization, Training, Structured Knowledge Transition
•    Adoption Planning & Forecasting 
•    Success Measurement, Compliance & Governance 
•    Operations and Management

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