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Systems and Quality Engineering

Systems and Quality engineering is the discipline of engineering focused on how to design and manage complex systems over their life cycles, specifically incorporating the principles and practices of product and service quality assurance and control as core design principles. In product and software development, it is the management, development, operation and maintenance of systems and enterprise architectures with a high quality and performance standard.

Product Development

Product Development is creation of products with new or different characteristics that offer new or additional benefits to the customer. Product development often involves software modification of an existing product or its presentation, or formulation of an entirely new product that satisfies a newly defined customer want or market niche.

We offer end-to-end product development services including design, engineering, prototyping, and production deployment services. Every idea begins with a problem in need of a product development solution. Our product development practice is dedicated to real world application of product ideas, customer research, user experience exploration, product design, product software development, consumer design, prototyping, operational support, and implementation services to launch your product idea. We are a product development practice to help our clients bring products all the way to the market, and not just the fuzzy front end or stopping at prototyping, we want to help our customer relies the benefits of their products.

Continuous Testing

Continuous testing is the practice of integrating testing as a fundamental and ongoing aspect of every activity though the software delivery cycle. Continuous testing allows tests to be automatically created and executed so that defects can be identified and corrected as soon as possible.
Continuous testing starts in the planning phase with automated test case design, directly mapped to application requirements. It continues into the development phase, where test environments can be emulated using service virtualization and test data is created, masked and sub-setted with test data management. Test execution is fully automated with continuous testing and feedback loops are established so that operational data can be used to inform future test case design.

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